Life In Itself Is A Chance And Lotteries Provide Chance To Make It Grand

The drawing of numbers for a prize is lottery. The government’s aided chances to be big in life are provided by many countries in different parts of the world. It comes under certain regulations as minors cannot play the game though it is very common in USA. Since 1960 the lotteries have seen legalized emergence throughout the world as a means for participants of the game to be entertained, as well as be a winner and earn a hefty amount which makes them not earn for the rest of the life. 

There are certain stories of winning the lotteries by the chance creators and how the win has changed their life. 

Julie Saunders the head of the syndicate which won the Lottery working in the NHS hospital celebrated by leaving the job on SPOT after winning 25Million Euros. 

Julie took early retirement the moment she got to know about her group winning the lottery the syndicate bought, and was serving as catering staff in Neath Port Talbot Hospital. In fact the whole syndicate working in NHS hospital’s catering staff quit their job where one was already retired. The five were playing the lottery since last six years and luckily Louise Ward was the luckiest one to join the group in October last year and was debating leaving the group as she was to save for her wedding and needed extra cash and had she stopped they would never have won. 

It was Julie; the syndicate leader, who asked her husband to buy the tickets on Friday as they all were working ladies. The next day after the draw the couple had visited Julie’s father and was stated by him that one ticket had won the jackpot. She was the one who had not checked the tickets and gagged about her winning the lottery little knowing that the ticket kept in the usual place in her drawing room’s drawer was the winner.

As she reached home she checked the numbers and was shocked to have found the numbers matching the one declared winner. She straight away called David before giving pleasant shocks to other members of the syndicate. The first thing to do they decided was to retire from the work. They enjoyed working there, but after winning, left the space to be filled by others. Each of the syndicate member won five million Euros. The first thing Julie spent her money on was to visit Las Vegas. 

Louise Ward now is now looking forward to her dream wedding next year with increased number of people to attend the ceremony than earlier decided. She already bought new tumble dryer after old one broke and new mattress for her children. 

Jean Hess the retired member of the syndicate is also planning to visit Las Vegas and also planning to buy new house.

After meeting one Sunday they made the plan to buy the lottery with the belief to become millionaire one day. They used to buy the tickets every Friday and finally the number which won was 5,12,17,33,41 with lucky start as 4 and 9.

The National Lottery has changed the lives of many winners like these catering girls. 

For Denise and Paul it was unbelievable. 

Everything in the life of couple changed after they won a Five million Euro lottery and after which even found their names published in the Mirror. It was dream come true for them as wealth also brought fame with it. 

They set forth for a celebratory cruise paid off their mortgage and finally bought a dream home in Somerset. Later on they decided to buy three more properties in the countryside. 

It also became easy for them to help their children achieve their targeted study tours to Oxford and later to USA. 

Lara and Michel bought their dream home 

The Griffiths used their Lotto prize of 1.8 million Euros to buy their dream homes and got their names published in the Mirror because of the win.

Later they bought a Lamborghini and invested in stocks, bonds and two more properties to earn rents from them. They are leading happy life henceforth.

Of late the lottery system in USA has seen many changes. Some of them are stated as below. 

Increase in Ticket Prices: The price of ticket has been increased by certain percentage points from the existing rates. The players have been given permission to play or draw tickets for fourteen consecutive terms. The fundamental tickets for the Powerball remained dollar two. 

The jackpot starting price has become bigger: The Grand prize named Mega Million will begin at Dollar fifty Million instead of twenty five million earlier. The twenty five million amounts were in practice since last many months. So now the fifty million jackpots will be up for grabs for the players. 

Bigger Probability: The number of white balls has been reduced from 75 and the number of red balls has been increased by ten. This has increased the probability of winning the jackpot one in almost 259 million which earlier was one in 303 million. 

Better chances: This will make players have far better opportunity to win second level $ 1 million prize for matching five white balls. Rest of the secondary prizes will have more amounts in the game which will see an increase of $5000 but longer chances. 

New option: In District of Columbia and other 17 states a player will be able to bet $3 for two chances to win the game’s jackpot. These tickets will not fetch any other rewards neither the players will be able to mend their numbers according to their need. In the districts of New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, Wisconsin, New Mexico Rhode Island etc. will offer just the Jackpot option. 

So finally by taking chances the participants in the lottery game are changing their lives for forever by winning the jackpots and with the changes introduced the probability to win has also increased.