Lottery; The Game Of Luck And A Chance To Change Life

The numbers bought and finally picked for a prize is lottery. The government’s aided chances to be big in life i.e. facility of playing lottery are provided by many countries in different parts of the world. It comes under certain regulations as minors cannot play the game though it is very common in USA. The lotteries have seen legalized emergence throughout the world as a means for participants of the game to be entertained, as well as be a winner and earn a hefty amount which makes them not earn for the rest of the life. 

There are certain stories of winning the lotteries by the risk takers and how the win has changed their life:

Shane Warne donated the bigger portion of what he won to charity.

After having won the lottery worth ten Million Dollar the man first fulfilled some of his wishes and then made to the headlines of the local newspaper by donating the major chunk of it to do the charity. The man in his eighties realized that he has lived his life and the money was more needed by others than him specially the children for their education and healthcare advancements. They set up their family members financially in the beginning and then donated the majority of their sum to the hospitals and schools. 

Teresa May gave to the Child in need

She won $ 2.5 million dollar and thought it prudent to donate it to a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy. She is a good emerging young artist and was in the need of money to further her education and to get self treated time to time. Teresa was in contact of the child since many days and used to help her in need. She thought it as an opportunity to help her finally. Not only this Teresa gave the portion of the money to the hospital and a small house to the neighbor who was pregnant and close friend of May. She has time and again helped many with small contributions in the locality she is living in. She is still spending a humble life even after winning the hefty lottery amount. 

Steve Right and Stella Florence started planning for having a family

From a small town of the New York State the couple won 5.6 million dollars. It was the second prize won after the jackpot declared for somebody else. The day the couple came to know about the prize, was extremely surprising for them. It was very hard for them to believe to have won the lottery. They matched their numbers with the declared ones for many a time before getting themselves convinced to have won. The couple did not spend their money extravagantly instead made a plan to raise their family by having kids in future. They invested a certain amount in stocks, bonds and property to earn dividends and rent from them. They made it sure for the future generation to have a very comfortable life for themselves. 

Robert Johnston made a trust for discharging religious activities. 

Johnston being an old man thought it prudent to indulge in some philanthropic activity after having won a mega lottery amount. He used to play the game since last twenty five years and was very confident about winning. He did not take the win as a shocking event for him as he always knew that one day he will turn a millionaire. He donated a big portion of the sum to a church which is indulged in spreading cultural and educational values to the society. The church is also running a small hospital in the locality for providing aid to the cancer patients. 

Michael finally got justice 

In 2012 a dispute between Michael Steve and Stella Watson was luckily resolved by the court in favor of Michael Steve where he made a big mistake to handover the winning lottery ticket to Stella Watson in fear of being deported form USA to Mexico in case he claims the winning amount. Stella after having received the already declared winner lottery ticket claimed the prize money on the pretext that Michael bought the numbers on her behest. Finally the justice prevailed and Michael was declared the true owner of the winning amount by the court.

Some things to remember

Keeping the ticket at the proper place

A winning couple unluckily threw the lottery in the garbage without having the slightest of idea that the piece of paper thrown in the dustbin was going to change their life forever. It was a nightmarish experience for them. The couple scratched off a lottery ticket in a mall by mistake and threw it away with other waste grocery items. It was a miracle that they suddenly remembered the ticket to have been thrown by them in the trashcan and they picked it from there. Miraculously the ticket they picket from the garbage won the jackpot. 

Don’t forget 

One of the biggest mistakes made by the lottery buyers is forgetting the ticket they have bought. One may end up like Wright Smith who bought the ticket in August kept it in the drawer and forgot. Three months later on a lucky day when he was cleaning the drawer he found a piece of paper with numbers on it. Those numbers were selected in the jackpot. It was sheer luck for him that he won the prize and received it.

Don’t gamble with the winning amount

The amount won through the lottery doesn’t come only through sheer luck but also a consistent effort results into the success. The person playing the game has to make a lot of strategy to make their chances to push themselves towards the jackpot amount or success. This money earned through continuous hardship should not be put to waste by blind gambling in Las Vegas just for the sake of fun. There should be a wise investment of the money earned so that it may last for a long period of time.