Lottery Winners: The Luckiest Ones To Grab The Prize At A Young Age

Many of us buy lottery tickets throughout our lifetime but can’t get the desired prize anytime. However, there are also many players, who have won the jackpot at a very early age. No one knows who will win the upcoming lottery games. You may have heard a myth that in most cases, the elderly players win the lottery. However, there are many young players, who have got life-changing money from lottery games. So, you can never make out the time when your luck would favor you. We have shared the stories of those, young lottery winners in this world.

Callie Rogers- A winner of £1,875,000 lottery prize

She was only sixteen, while she got the prize. She took part in a National Lottery and won this jackpot in the year, 2003. But, the personal life of Callie was horrific. She had faced the instances, like sexual harassment. During her early years, her earning was about $5.50 on every hour. Though she did not want to spend the money, she had invested $380,000 for cocaine. The interesting fact is that she lived in a very average standard house. She also spent much of her money for her breast implantation.

Emma Wildin bagged more than one-million dollar

Wildin, a twenty-nine-year old mom, love to buy lottery tickets. In National Lottery of England, she had gained £1 million. While she had got the news of her victory, she rushed to her house and started screaming with joy. But, Wildin still decided to spend life as common people without any fancy. But, she did not stop buying the weekly scratch tickets.

Kricket Slik with a more than $3 million dollar as cash prize for lotto game

Slik got the good news in her life in the year, 2011, when her age was only twenty-one. By playing Lotto 649, she gained that fund. While the winning numbers had been revealed, she started scanning the ticket. She, at first, could not believe the news, and thought that there might be something wrong. She got confirmed by checking the result online. After winning this prize, she had decided to travel various parts of the world. 

Stuart Donnelly- Young winner with premature death

He won £2 Million at the age of seventeen, but he lost his life when he reached twenty-nine. The jackpot amounts to £25 million, and there were twelve lucky winners. As Stuart was very young, he celebrated the day by drinking simple cold drinks. Like other winner, he did not think of toasting the bottle of champagne. Stuart was one of the college goers at that time. He got engaged in part-time job to earn only £60 every week. But, his life got changed after he won the prize.

Michael Carroll- Another young winner from the United Kingdom

If you look at the history of the UK, you may find the names of lots of young lottery millionaires. But, many of those winners have made the stupid act, and Michael is one of them. He got nine million Euro, while his age was twenty-two. However, he turned out to be famous because of losing the sum within a short period. He invested the money for purchasing several drugs. For cocaine, he also spent 200 Euros daily. He used rest of the fund for gambling, and prostitutes. Michael Carroll was also arrested because of throwing steel-made balls in drunken state. 

Ianthe Fullagar won prize at the age of eighteen

Fullagar became one of the luckiest winners, while she won EuroMillions that offers seven million pounds. After learning the news of her victory, she started to jump around. She was also a part-time employee before winning the jackpot. She had found it tough to keep the lottery ticket in a safe place. But, she then decided to keep it inside her own bra. A report in 2012 revealed that she became 27th wealthiest person in the United Kingdom. She made investments for good reason, and she owned more than $10 million at that time.

Sandeep Singh from Massachusetts

His age was twenty-two years, while he won almost thirty million dollars. The original value of jackpot was $61 million. However, it was allocated to Sandeep and another winner. Sandeep has offered the credit to his sibling because she had picked the ticket. The interesting thing is that Sandeep had played the lottery just for two times, and he got the prize on the second time. This young guy had helped his mom with the money, and also shared the fund with relatives and other people in the society.

Lucky young winner Jay Vargas – A Constructor

Vargas hit the prize after he had reached nineteen. He had applied this own trick for picking the number. He considered birthdates and ages of his family member in order to make his selection. After winning this prize, he enjoyed party just as celebrity. However, he also went through a financial course, and never misused his money.

An anonymous teenager from Britain

It’s an eighteen-year old lotto winner, and this person did not like to announce his name. He won twenty-two million Euros. As he had requested the lotto organizers to maintain his privacy, no personal detail about the winner has been revealed. His address and name remained unknown to us.

Tracey Makin- A lucky young millionaire

In one of the lotto games, Lucky Dip, Tracey (sixteen years in age) got one million Euros. She was a worker in the supermarket, and she, at first, thought that she had won only ten Euros. However, she got amazed, while she realized her big prize. Tracey liked to give the credit to her parents as they had assisted her to spend the fund in the best way.

So, these young lottery winners’ story may inspire you to play the game efficiently. Winning a lottery never depends on your age. It’s all about your luck and also your own tricks. The biggest prize is perhaps waiting for you.