Why Lottosend is an Ideal Online Lottery Ticket Service 

Lottosend provides an online ticket service for the lottery. It offers a method of playing the most significant and famous lotteries in the globe such as Mega Millions and EuroMillions.

Their goal is to give customers from every area of the globe a chance to take part in favorite lottery jackpots comfortably from their homes using their mobile device or PC.


What Is Lottosend?

Lottosend is an international online lottery agent located in Slovakia. When playing, you get ten lottery tickets for major international jackpots. Lottosend utilizes its name and sends a scanned duplicate of your ticket to you.

Other online resources do not provide this nice feature. Since they process the tickets in sets, it might take some hours for you to obtain your scanned ticket.

The Origin of Lotteries

Lottosend blog states that the idea of lotteries goes back to the first game known as Keno. Keno was played in the 187BC during the Chinese Han Dynasty. It might have been the resource utilized to finance the building of the Great Wall of China. 

It is believed that Augustus Caesar rebuilt Rome using money from lotteries and the prizes did not match the investment in value. In the 1400s, near the European coastline, lotteries were utilized not just to construct and sustain defensive tools, but the money was also used for helping the needy. Currently, Keno is still played with the inclusion of laws and regulations. But, you still have an opportunity to win a huge amount of cash with only a single entry.

Methods of Playing

To play the lottery at Lottosend is simple. Just visit their site called and register to try your luck! After you choose the lottery and numbers you want, you need to make another decision. You can play using the following ways:

1. Only once.
2. Many times (and obtain several discounts also) or through a
3. Subscription that provides a discount of 30%

You choose the option for ‘add to cart’ and checkout in the same way you would on any regular online shopping site. You also get a 100% ‘welcome bonus’ once for up to $30. Before checking you will get a prompt to create your account then include your payment data.

Your private data is secure since this page is labeled clearly that is it safe because of the utilization of 128 SSL (secure sockets layer) bit security on every page. According to their privacy policy, they do not share identifiable information with third parties under any circumstances. It is an advantage for the player!

Website Design

You can find some websites confusing or intimidating. Lottosend is designed for you to navigate fast. Traditional site options are available across the top right corner like Support, Frequently Asked Questions, Home and Raffles, which is the latest option. Raffles is a yearly national lottery raffle in Spain that is only available in March.

It has 100,000 combinations of five digits, and you buy a set of ten tickets, which have the similar number. 100,000 numbers, ten shares, and 160 tickets present 160 million shares. The winning odds are 1:3 which is not bad!

Single and group games are provided and the site translates into ten varied languages. They provide you with nine different lottery options as well as lotto Monday and Powerball. The value of the jackpot is shown clearly together with the share pricing. The lotteries available are:

· Powerball
· Mega Millions
· Euro Jackpot
· El Gordo
· Superlottoplus
· Oz Lotto
· Superenalotto
· Lotto Saturday
· Euro Millions
· Bonoloto
· UK Lottery

Every game provides at least 30 lines and 15 available shares or more. At the site’s base, you can choose every game and click then you will see:

· The game description.
· Method of playing.
· When draws take place.
· Winning chances
· A short background of the game.
· Record and minimum jackpots.
· Taxes
· What you should do in case you win.
· Tips on raising your winning chances.

The language is easy to comprehend and the terms used are user-friendly and language. Naturally, all the necessary disclosures are present, such as the privacy policy and terms of use.

Currency and Languages

As mentioned before, there are ten site languages, and the website rates are availed in Euros, US Dollars, and British Pounds, depending on where you are. But, you can utilize any payment technique present on the website such as payment in your local currency.


The site provides a very generous ‘welcome bonus.’ It does not matter what you first purchased; this will be repaid through this bonus to a maximum of $30. 


Other than the benefits mentioned before such as scanning the ticket to record your purchase, multiple languages, and discounts, there are other benefits like:

· Follow up and entry promotions
· Extra discount of 20% for Lotto Exposed Visitors; this signifies that if you go to the specified site, you will come across a discount code that will save you extra cash.
· Groups play with a guarantee of winning; these figures are selected methodically using a mathematical algorithm that picks numbers that are likely to be drawn and arranges them in possible combinations for the best result. 

Also, you will see a guaranteed minimum payout for American lotteries when playing as a team. It is a wonderful activity for team building.

· Lottosend presents a one-stop shop that allows you to play several lotteries simultaneously.
· It is enjoyable, particularly when you play as part of a group.

Depositing and Withdrawing

You need not make any deposits to your account. As you play, you can pay by checking the contents of your cart. But, if you want, you can choose to keep a balance in your account. The site offers you the SWIFT and IBAN codes. 

Using these, you can wire money if you want also. They also provide more than 50 methods of payment such as MasterCard and VISA. If you become a jackpot winner, you should go to the official lottery organization to claim your prize.

It is advisable for you to get financial and legal planning advice before making your claim. An excellent resource for you would be a tax accountant.